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The wedding spiel.

Cringe wedding photos. You know the ones. Where you can tell the couple has been forced to pose in an unnatural way and they aren't enjoying themselves. I hate that and I hope you do too, because that's not what I'm about!

That doesn’t mean youcan’t pose with your partner – I will absolutely get those shots, in a natural fashion that suits your kind of love, because that’s what it’s all about. 

My work aims to be a complimentary extension of your day, not a hindrance.


My style is relaxed,candid and most of all fun. You know that annoying uncle that brings his cameraand takes photos at the wedding ceremony? I’ll give him a good run for hismoney. Better yet, I’ll probably banter with him about stealing my photo thunderwhile the ceremony is happening.

I don’t take myselftoo seriously and I want you to enjoy your big day just as much as I’ll enjoyrunning around guns blazing, capturing all the little details ~ the smiles,laughs, tears ~ chatting to your guests, and if there’s time – have a little boogieon the dance floor. 

If you come away fromyour wedding having an unforgettable day, then my job is already halfway done.


Once I’ve finishedshooting, I’ll put some fancy touches onto your pics, then package them up on abeautiful sitewhich you (and your guests) can download and view all the photos.

I want your photos tohave a personal touch, and my packages can be flexible to suit you & yourpartner.


Head here for more info on packages.


If you think I’m yourguy, let’s grab a coffee and get started. 

Get in touch below!

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